Structural projects

In Neikō we offer our clients a wide range of works and skills related to the design, dimensioning and calculation of structures:

  • Structural typology studies
  • Studies of variants
  • Tender projects
  • Preliminary structural designs
  • Conceptual structure design
  • Basic structural projects
  • Final structural projects
  • Structural detailing projects
  • As built projects

Technical assitance during works

Neikō can intervene during construction, providing assistance to all the agents involved on the construction process:

  • Technical assistance to the construction management
  • Technical assistance to the constructor
  • Technical advice to owners
  • Site support

Engineering consultancy

Our knowledge allows us to provide personalized support on issues such as:

  • Structural reports
  • Structural pathology studies
  • Technical support

Advanced computational analysis

Neikō's orientation towards innovation and development, together with the knowledge and passion of our team, allows us to perform the highest level numerical analysis, such as:

  • Advanced analysis using finite element method
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Seismic analysis
  • Non-linear analysis
  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Computational wind-tunnel analysis
  • Aeroelastic analysis
  • Structure-fluid interaction