Neikō is born on year 2019 from the mind of two young civil engineers with the aim of contributing their knowledge, talent and effort to the innovation and optimization on a wide range of fields through the engineering process.

In Neikō we are convinced that continuous improvement and care on the details, although they will imply a greater initial investment on a project, will result in greater benefits during It's future development.

Trying to minimize inaccuracies and optimizing processes, it will be possible to reduce the number of contingencies and errors, which will lead to a significant decrease in the cost of execution associated to a project.

Neikō will make available to our clients a wide range of services. From the intervention in the development of any structural project, to the detailed analysis of resistant elements through advanced computational methods, through consulting and technical support. In Neikō we will put all our effort to guarantee an optimal experience and fulfill the objectives set by our clients.

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The Neikō team is made up of professionals with a solid theoretical background and experienced in the world of structural engineering and architecture. Our commitment is maximum with each developed project, which helps us achieve optimal results and ad-hoc designs that will fully meet the needs of our customers.

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